Reconciliation Will Allow Congress to Achieve Top Priorities of the American People in 2025

The next year will bring some of the most challenging fiscal decisions in modern American history. Congress and the next Administration must begin to prepare for the 2025 fiscal cliff.

Despite the challenges, the 119th Congress could present an incredible opportunity for conservatives to tackle some of the most important challenges facing the nation using the budget reconciliation process.

The Proof Is in the Polling

The Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) commissioned a poll of 1,000 likely voters. The poll asked:

“How important is it to you that the next Congress secures the border, lowers inflation, extends tax cuts, gets Americans back to work, and reduces the federal government to pre-COVID size in its first year?”

70% of likely voters felt these priorities were important to achieve in 2025, with 53% of these respondents describing it as very important.

Source: Nationwide Survey by OnMessage Public Strategies, June 18-25, 2024.

Respondents supported these priorities across partisan lines, with 93% of Republicans, 66% of Independents, and 49% of Democrats saying these policies would be important to enact in 2025.  

Source: Nationwide Survey by OnMessage Public Strategies, June 18-25, 2024.

Seize the Opportunity

In preparation for 2025, EPIC is developing a policy plan to take advantage of the budget reconciliation process for the American people.

Reconciliation is likely the only tool to enact so many critical fiscal policies in such short order.

To truly seize this unique opportunity, conservatives must begin developing policy options now. Congress cannot let this chance to deliver positive change for the American people slip through their grasp because they fail to plan for success.

The 2025 reconciliation process must pair commonsense perspectives with practical policy solutions in five core areas:

  1. Secure the Border
  2. Reduce Inflation
  3. Preserve & Expand the 2017 Tax Cuts
  4. Make Work Pay
  5. Drain the Swamp

Time to Take Advantage

Ultimately, good conservative policy is good budgetary policy.

These five priorities demonstrate that conservatives can advance a budget resolution and reconciliation plan that is fiscally responsible and responsive to the American people’s mandate for their elected representatives.

We know that the opportunity is approaching rapidly. The time to take advantage of the reconciliation opportunity is now.

In 2025, conservatives can deliver.

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